How do we know when a child is ready to play matches?


The divisions range from division 1 (the top kids) right up to an orange ball competition for boys and girls (the beginners). Generally once they can consistently serve about 60-70% of their serves in from the baseline they are ready to play. The lowest divisions (orange ball) also use low compression balls that don’t bounce as high and have modified rules to enable them to easily learn to play the game.


Why is it good for kids to start playing matches?


Generally the big improvements in their tennis begin when the kids start playing matches as they start to realize what they can use the skills we are teaching them for. Concentration in coaching improves because the kids start to realize what they need to and want to work on to improve their matches on the weekend.


When are the matches played?


Division 1, 2 and 3 are Friday nights and all other divisons are played on Saturday mornings.


What time are the matches?


Division 1, 2 and 3 players are expected to arrive at their venue at 5:45 for a 6:00pm start.


All other divisions on a Saturday morning have a split time system. The times do not alternate, they are randomly selected based on the number of teams in the division, you will receive a program at the beginning of the season which will provide a schedule of the match times. For early matches players are expected to arrive at 8:00 for an 8:15 start and for late matches players are expected to arrive at 10:00 for a 10:15 start.


How long do the matches go for?


Friday nights – there is no time restrictions for Friday night matchs, they generally finish around 8/9pm.


Saturday morning early matches – must finish by 10:15am regardless of whether or not matches are finished.


Saturday morning late matches – must finish by 12:15pm regardless of whether or not matches are finished.


Where will the matches be?


Each division will be assigned a venue at the beginning of the season and that is where their matches will be played every week. The possible venues are: Athelstone, Beaumont, Burnside, Campbelltown, East Adelaide Payneham, East Torrens Kensington Gardens, Glenunga, Hectorville, Holmesdale, Memorial Drive, Norwood, Rostrevor, St Peters, and Trinity Gardens. Click on Venues for more information.


What is the format of the teams?


Each team will consist of 4-5 players. Each week there will be 4 singles matches and 2 doubles matches to play. Teams can work on a rotation basis with a week off, or can split the 6 matches that need to be played between the 5 players. That decision can be made by the team at the beginning of the season.


How long does the season go for?


The 2018/2019 season will go for term 4 of 2018 and term 1 of 2019. The teams and venues will remain the same for the whole season.


What does a club junior membership include?


A Burnside Club junior membership includes all the matches for the two school terms (generally around 14 plus finals if they make them) as well as one team practice/training session per week. (please note there are not the same as coaching sessions they are mainly for the kids to have practice match play with their team)


What is my role as a parent on Saturday mornings?


Each team will have a parent as a team manager who will manage and look after the team each Saturday morning and report to the Junior Coordinators (Kate Venning) when certain players cannot play. The other parents are still expected to stay and watch the kids and help out with getting the kids on and off the court. The Burnside Tennis Club expects the team members to stay for the whole match to cheer on their team members and not to just play and leave.

Juniors Players

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